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Based in the N.Y. Tri-state area, Greg Aulden has been singing his way across the country, in Canada, and occasionally (when he’s not breaking any bones) in Bermuda.  People mention his connection with the audience, which at times seems more like a comedy show than music related.  They mention the fact that he doesn’t look like a musician. (yeah... they’ve really said that...) They have even commented on his cool drink holder on the mike stand. ( really is cool!!...) What is remembered, however, and what is the core experience for anyone who has seen him perform, is always his voice.  Greg has the ability to stay true to the artist’s intent while making the song uniquely his own.  This talent added to his intense emotional delivery, has brought back folks time and again to hear his performance.

Greg Aulden’s original material has become a frequent request of his regular fans.  His music has also been featured at such events as the Vietnam Vet Awards (Veti-Awards), held on the Intrepid, sharing the stage with actors Ron Silver, Loretta Swit, and Brooke Shields.  At Freedom Fest, Greg played to thousands of people during the 25th anniversary of Woodstock.  He has shared the mike with Carol King and Davey Jones, and opened for Don McLean and Tracy Chapman.  The first CD The Balance has sold very well for Greg, but the focus has now become the next collection of songs, a CD by the title of From The Water’s Edge.  It is something that his fans have been highly anticipating, and Greg wants them to know he’s working hard to get it finished.

In his free time (????!!!!), Greg has taken on the daunting task of writing a book of fiction ; a novel no less. (...don’t ask him about it unless you have an hour to spare!!...) He’s also pursuing work in voice-overs which should come to no surprise to folks who know him.  Greg’s stage banter, an audience favorite, employs a multitude of characters and dialects.

The Back Fence in Greenwich Village is a reliable venue to catch Greg, especially on Tuesdays.  A bit more uptown, Sutton Place, a 3-story mid-town bar, has him every Wednesday.

Since Greg has performed venues from a wedding rehearsal party on the “Bough Ranch” in Montana, to a beach bar in the Hamptons, chances are you're going to find yourself walking into someplace Greg is cranking out a tune. As scary as that might sound to some of you, a word of advice:  There is no better place you’ll find in this hectic world where you can sit with your fellow travelers and share the laughter, the songs, a healthy dose of insanity and the HUGE FUN you’ll have watching and listening to Greg Aulden perform his heart out!!!



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